Ow, that hurts…

Here at Sports Treatment we do not just deal with sports-related injuries! With musculoskeletal problems the only difference is the ‘mechanism of injury’. So if you have pulled your back gardening, or have developed a new niggle from your sport, we can help.

Treatments can be carried out at your home, workplace or at our clinic.  If you are experiencing discomfort – whether it is early or chronic, please contact us for advice and help.

PHONE: 07815 209 804 or Email

If you are in acute pain, read our free download Top 10 Tips for Acute Pain

Identify your pain from the list below to see if we can help.  The list is not definitive – common conditions are listed but many others exist and can be treated. Check out our FAQ page too.

Do you have:

  • Back pain? – general back pains, pulled muscles, ‘sciatica’, intervertebral disc pain
  • Neck pain? – general neck pains, whiplash, headaches, knots (fibrosis), microtrauma, tightness, stiffness
  • Ankle / foot pain? – sprains, ligament damage, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathies, arthritis
  • Lower leg pain? – ‘shin splints’, calf muscle strains, muscle tightness
  • Knee pain? – kneecap pain, ligament damage, arthritis, stiffness, swelling, instability
  • Upper leg pain? – hamstring / quad muscle strains, muscle imbalances, muscle tightness
  • Hip pain? – groin pain, arthritis, adductor muscle pull, iliotibial band problems
  • Lower back pain? – glute / buttock pain, muscle strains, lumbar spine disc pain, pelvic muscle imbalances
  • Shoulder pain? – arthritis, frozen shoulder, ligament damage, impingement, muscle imbalances, strains
  • Elbow pain? – tennis / golfer’s elbow, ligament damage, muscle strains
  • Wrist / hand pain? – repetitive strain injuries, ligament damage, arthritis, sprains

We can help with all of these!