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Too old to run

Shocking title, but it’s what I was told by a young NHS registrar this week. As someone in their forties this came as quite an alarming comment from an orthopaedic ‘professional’. Along with that ‘advice’, I was told running ruins ones knees and hips, and if I continued running I would need knee and hip replacements. Seriously. I am not making this up.

No scientific evidence exists as to such information. I was so dumbfounded by his ignorance I saw little point in challenging his comments either.. he just wasn’t worth it. WTH are they training doctors in? Job creation for the obese with co-morbidity factors associated with zero physical activity?!

Ok, some background.. I had some foot pain a few months ago which was not resolving with conservative treatment of physio, rest (!) etc so went down the route of X-ray, ultrasound scan etc. All of which were pretty inconclusive. Anywaays.. it’s healed and I’m still running.. Pain-free. And walking dogs. And doing yoga & bodyweight exercises. And doing Mountain Rescue activities.

Maybe the NHS registrar thinks Fauja Singh should not be running either!

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