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Here at Sports Treatment we are pleased to offer work experience placements to students wanting to further their studies in physical therapies. Sharing knowledge is a good thing and every therapist has to start somewhere!

If you are a student you have probably already realised that finding a clinic or hospital to take you on as a student can be very difficult. No doubt you will have already emailed a few private clinics, only to be faced with being ignored, or a reply to say that you are not suitable. The reality is, why would a clinic offer you work experience? What benefit is it to the clinic? Some see it as just hassle for the provider, and that’s not great for you.

Sports Treatment is a small privately run clinic, and we only have the facility to accept one student at a time for prolonged work placements. We will personally answer all requests received from students though – we won’t ignore you. The criteria used for accepting students is that you are studying on a degree level course in a discipline of evidence-based physical therapy, i.e. Sports Therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy.

But we are not academic snobs! For example if someone wants further insight into what Sports Therapy covers; or maybe you are considering a career in physical therapy, but are unsure which direction of study to take? Then we will be pleased to arrange an open morning or afternoon for you.
Contact Anni on 07815 209 804.

Here is what a recent student said about her work placement with us:

“I would like to thank you for letting me complete my work placement with you. You have taught me so much that I haven’t learnt at university and I really appreciate this.”

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