Not injured? No problem, try a massage…

It’s not just for sporty types! Massage can help to reduce fatigue, enhance circulation, reduce muscle tension, increase range of movement, reduce odema and promote relaxation. By stretching superficial scar tissue and reducing tissue adhesions, massage also has a key role in recovery and injury prevention.

Applied skillfully, massage can be very effective in releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. Stresses and overuse can lead to muscular imbalances which may impede function and cause discomfort.

If ignored, these problems can become chronic and lead to more serious injuries which may impact on an individual’s general well-being or prevent them from training.

A Sports Treatment ‘Massage and MOT’ can identify any potential problem areas before they turn into full blown injuries. We will tailor the massage techniques to best suit your physiology and treatment goals.

Regardless of the more tangible physical and performance benefits, massage also feels good!

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Ante and Post Natal Massage Service

For ante natal massage the therapist will position you slightly differently than a traditional body massage, to ensure a safe, comfortable and effective treatment.

  • Massage specifically aimed at dealing with muscles that are tight and any areas of pain
  • Reduction of tension in the main postural muscles with specific techniques to lengthen and release inhibited areas
  • Relaxation and reduction of stress level hormones, bringing calm to both mum-to-be and your baby
  • Focus on areas prone to tightness and fatigue from the demands placed on your body through motherhood, for example lifting, feeding and carrying your baby

Sports Treatment uses a range of Tui Massage Waxes, which are blended beeswax and natural ingredients for a wonderful massage experience.

Massage gift vouchers for values £30 and £50 are available in card or electronic format. Contact us for details, we can email the voucher to your recipient with your message.