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Running with dogs

Running or jog / walking with your dog is great way of keeping fit and exercising your pet at the same time. Your dog must be skeletally mature to run distances – do not run young dogs or puppies. You can buy specific kits for running with a dog, but it’s simple to make your own.

Stuff for you:
Decent running shoes
Comfortable, breathable clothing
A running waist-pack for dog poo bags, mobile phone
A carabiner or secure way of securing dog’s lead to your waist-pack so you can run ‘hands free’

Stuff for your dog:
A long lead with trigger clip
A well-fitting adjustable harness

Remember harnesses are designed for a dog to pull, so train your dog some directional cues. I use Left, Right, Steady, Get On and Whoa (stop!) but be consistent whatever you use. Practice the ‘whoa’ a few times and give a treat when dog stops. Re-enforce your dog with verbal praise when he’s running at the right pace with you. Try to keep him out in front so he doesn’t trip you up!

Start with short distances and vary the terrain. Most medium and large dogs’ gait is faster than humans, so forcing him to run at a fixed pace attached to you can be unnatural over long distances. Allow him free-running where safe to do so, and make sure you can re-call him!

Stop by streams so he can cool off and get a drink; saves carrying water. Look for signs of over-exertion. Check his paws and under front legs after your run for any rubbed areas. Allow your dog rest days – do not run on consecutive days, and avoid running at all in hot temperatures.

Kit myself and the dogs use:
Inov8 race elite 2 waist pack
Julius-K9 power harness
Leads, collars and neckline all made to measure from mushing outfitters

Anyway here’s a short clip of my two dogs out on a run. Apologies for the shaky / poor quality video.. I need a head-cam!

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